The controversy that surrounds the concept of Astral Projecting is that it tries to explain the existence of a soul in every one of us. Some scientists disprove that one cannot be able to consciously exist outside of their minds, while others agree that under the right conditions, stimulating the right temporal-parietal junction of your brain can, in fact, induce a reliable out-of-body experience (OBE).

Astral Projection, however, is still a mystery and it is a wonder that very little has actually been written about the topic.

The first-ever book on OBE was published in 1850 and the next one came one hundred and forty years later in 1990. By the year 2006, there were only 150 books on the topic in circulation. Most people are still doing research on it.

Currently, it is believed that the possibility of having an out-of-body-experience is slowly becoming a reality for most people.

If you are looking for a book that will give you all of the information you need for you to understand what Astral Projection is, then a good book would be one that not only explains to you what an Out of Body Experience is all about but also one that can act as a guide. This should help you in your desire to astral project.

Astral projection is easily achieved by following a specific technique step by step. You need to understand the technique in great details from the beginning to the end, and also learn what to do if it doesn’t work.

It should also have a few real stories of people that successfully astral projected and came back to tell what they did, where they went and who they were able to meet.

It is not strange to hear stories of people that were able to go back in time or to visit the future, or people who went to different continents, who walked through walls, or water bodies, etc. Astral projection is fun and mind-blowing.

Review – Best Books on Astral Projection

The following are some of the best books on Astral Projection available on Amazon:

Mastering Astral Projection: A 90-day Guide on Out-of-Body Experiences

This book is written by Robert Bruce and Brian Mercer, and it is a great book for any beginner, with a guide on how to achieve your first out-of-body experience. The trick, according to the book is simply to have a delicate balance of your mind, body, and spirit.

With Robert Bruce’s extensive knowledge on Astral projection, and Brian Mercers tried and tested methods for personal success, this guidebook will truly help you achieve a conscious out-of-body experience.

It has also received very positive feedback from customers who tested the system successfully, and it is presented in an easy to follow format, with a 13-week program that introduces the methods of astral projection to any beginner and also gives daily exercises that will prepare you progressively and train you on how to have a life-changing experience.

Find it here:

Astral Projection: The Complete Beginners Guide for Beginners on Astral Projection, and How to Travel in the Astral Plane – This is The Expanding Mind Book 3 

This book is actually available for free when you download it to your kindle. It is written by Tabitha Zalot and offers a wealth of information to any beginner.

The book teaches that anyone can actually be able to travel through the astral world and you can easily perform an astral projection. Reading the book gives you a step by step guide through this process and it will help you in creating the most possible circumstance for you to get out of your body.

Among the things that Tabitha talks about are;

  • The 10 most common and effective methods of astral projection.
  • The 10 greatest benefits of astral traveling
  • How astral traveling was used in ancient times.
  • Why astral traveling was used in ancient times.
  • Signs of astral projection and how it happens.
  • How to prepare yourself mentally and physically for a mental projection.

These are just some of the many topics she covers in her great and widely read book.

Find it here:

Astral Projection and the Reality: How to Explore the Out-of-Body State

This is a great book on Astral Projection that is written by John Magnus. He goes above and beyond the preconceived notions of getting out of the body and back. He also outlines different dimensions that an out-of-body adventurer can travel to.

The book begins with a small trip down memory lane on how Astral Projection started, then, Magnus guides the reader through a step by step guide on how to project. He explains how you can create your own astral universe in an out-of-body experience, and in addition, he offers techniques on how to understand your mind, nature and the reality of Astral projection.

He has detailed exercises and techniques that have been proven to reliably enable someone to exit their body, confront their basic fears and not to hold back. You will also learn how to take advantage of a psychic side effect like taming your mind, navigating a world where you have the power to create, etc.

In this book, you will be able to learn how to integrate the everyday lessons of OBE’s, and how to integrate them into having your first OBE, and how to replenish your energy plus much more.

Johan Magnus also includes his journal entries from the many out of body adventures he has had in order to convince you the reader that astral projection is real and to also give you inspiration that you can have your very own successful out of body experience.

Find it here:


Almost all of these books will give you a different technique or method on how you can go about your first astral projection. That is all good but, you will need to choose one that works for you, and stick to it. The key to having a success astral projection is identifying a technique and practicing it over and over till you master it.

Choose the one that best identifies you as an individual.

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