You have heard about Astral Projection and are wondering if its real?

Astral Projection is an experience that gets you out of your body. During the powerful state, your soul is said to detach from your physical body and traverse the astral plane with the intention of having an out of body experience.

Is Astral Projection real?

In 1968, a scientific study by psychologist and philosopher Celia Green was conducted. She studied more than 400 first-hand accounts of different Out-of-Body-Experiences (OBEs).

This is what she discovered:

By stimulating the right temporal-parietal junction of your brain, a reliable OBE could be induced.

Robert Monroe – a leading radio broadcasting executive who has become famous for his research on altered consciousness and being the founder of The Monroe Institute was also there to offer his assistance one of her research studies.

They did their research on 2 physicists, Tom Campbell and David Mennerich.

The 2 physicists were put in separate soundproof rooms at the same time. Their voices were recorded, but both of them were unable to speak or hear each other.

They only had headphones which allowed them to listen to Monroe’s voice as he guided them using a meditation technique that was designed to help elicit an out of body experience for both of them at the same time.

The results were not only shocking, but they proved undeniably that Astral Projection is real. The individual recordings of their voices showed that they were talking to each other. Literally having a conversation during their OBE despite them being in different rooms and being isolated from each other.

How can you use Astral Projection?

When you astral project, you can be able to visit remote places, go into the future, visit a friend’s house, or travel to a whole other continent.

One famous incident recorded in 1863 by the Society of Psychical Research showed that a Mr. Wilmot who was from Bridgeport, Connecticut sailed on a ship from Liverpool in the UK all the way to New York. He dreamed that his wife came into his stateroom, and she kissed him then vanished.

When he woke up from his dream, his fellow passengers who were in the same stateroom reported that they were able to see the same thing that he had dreamed. When the ship docked, he rushed home to his wife and she asked him, “Did you see me when I came to visit you?”

She was able to describe in details how the stateroom appeared, as well as the other passengers who saw her. According to her, she visited him because she was worried about him after she had learned of the terrible storm that had beset her husband on his trip.

You can try with your friend as well.

You can also astral project to your friend’s house. In this case, you will need to have your friend verify for you anything that you may have seen during your projection. Make an agreement so that you can visit him at a particular time on a specified day.

Perform the astral projection, and ensure to write down everything that you see at your friend’s house. After the travel, go to him and ask for a verification of what you wrote down.

Can anyone Astral Project?

Anybody can be able to learn how to astral project. You will simply need to follow a specified projection technique that you shall choose, eliminate all fears and negative thoughts you may have about astral projection and anything else, practice over and over, then go ahead and let yourself project.
It is as easy as that.

Real life astral projection stories:

Case study #1

Chris says that he recently had an out of body experience. This is what happened:

During a psychic meditation trip, he found himself out of his physical state. He noticed the clock was reading 5:45 am, and once he returned to his physical body after exiting his meditative state, he got up and found the clock still read 5:45 am. This was very strange.

He was used to astral projecting to places such as Thailand, where he would meet and speak to a girl in a bar. He would also travel 100 years into the future, where some teenagers would give him some news regarding the cure for AIDS.

Chris says that he has visited nightclubs that were 20 miles from his home without necessarily leaving his bedroom. At one time he even spoke to a woman he was going to marry and even saw her clearly on their wedding day.
Well, he hasn’t met the woman yet, but to him, astral traveling is lots of fun.

Case Study #2

Shania is an 18-year-old girl, who did not know much about astral projection. On the night of September 13th, 2017, around 2:30 am, she fell asleep and was very tired. After some time, she found herself in her bedroom in front of the mirror.

She turned back and saw a very weird entity that was floating. This entity did not have a body. It was brown in color and made of dust. She got scared and ran towards the hall. On her way, she saw 3 more entities and thought they were spirits or ghosts. They were coming towards her. She got even more scared. She was running at a very high speed and felt like she was flying.

She saw herself sleeping in the hall and since she was very scared, she went back into her physical body and slept. After some time, she felt her hand moving on its own and knew that she was dreaming, but everything was very real. She couldn’t move her body.

She opened her eyes and tried to scream. But something was holding her back and she couldn’t say a word. She doesn’t remember exactly what happened after that.

Later on, she did some research and discovered that she was actually astral projecting.

Case Study #3

An anonymous source answered the question on whether he had any real experiences of astral traveling.

This is his story:

He says that he experienced astral traveling for a long time as a kid, but did not understand what it was. After reading other people’s stories about astral traveling, he was able to understand what he was experiencing as a child.

He googled, checked videos, read books on the same until he believed he was not just dreaming but rather having an out-of-body experience. It has now been more than 10 years since he had such an experience, but what he would describe was running from something he had no idea what it was, and while coming down the stairs, he would lose his balance.

Instead of falling, he would feel himself flying. This he says felt so real. He can remember exactly how it felt like and where it happened. He told many people about it when it happened, but they all told him it was just a dream.

Now, he shares his story and reads extensively on the topic. He believes that very soon he shall have another experience like that one.

Case Study #4

Fernando Albert who currently works as a psychic medium, healer and an astral projectionist, also shared his very funny story.

He says that when he was nine or ten, he had the following experience, though of course at the time he had no idea it was an astral projection.

Once when he was in the hospital, he was able to visit his dad in space. He says he went to space because this is a place he had always dreamed of, and somewhere he really wanted to visit. This is what happened.

While he was recovering from surgery and was still under anesthesia, his father decided to take a walk outside to buy a snack. Afterward, he sat somewhere and just relaxed a little bit, and started to play one of Fernando’s games on his game gear.

He played for about 30 minutes then, he went back to the hospital room and waited for his son to wake up.

His dad told him that once he woke up, he told him that he had been playing his game, it was now his turn, and his dad had been killed off fourteen times in a row. He also kept skipping Fernando’s turn non-stop.

He may not remember the look on his father’s face, but he can just imagine how strange he must have looked. His dad had a hard time trying to explain to him what was happening, that he was on a whole different plane of existence outside of his physical body and could not see him, much less see him playing his video game.

He may not have understood much, and after that, he was given much stronger medication that knocked him out immediately, but this was probably one of the most significant projections he has ever had.

Albert then created an astral projection course where he taught based on his many years of experience and learning, plus, his natural skills and perception.

He is now known as an OBE and Meditation facilitator

Case Study #5

H. Hamze, a former site engineer from Victoria University, says that once during a projection he was able to meet up with someone familiar to him, and the next time they met in the real world, they both had the exact recollection of everything that transpired during the projection.

According to him, an astral plane is a common place for all. The only difference is that everyone is having their own specific experience which prevents uniformity meaning that when you come back to the physical, you cannot all have had the same projection.


Based on some of these diverse experiences of people having been projected from their physical bodies, it is safe to say that Astral Projection is real, or it can happen.

Linda Hess says that she has been practicing and studying Astral Projection for the last 2 decades and she actually wishes she had started earlier since there is so much more to it than meets the eye.

It is a fun and interesting new approach to our consciousness that everyone should try to learn and understand.

The one thing she has noticed however is how much irrelevant and nonfactual information has been brought on by the internet. People are looking for all sorts of ways to make money, and as a result, they are inventing products and supplements to help people astral project which almost always never work, leaving people frustrated and at the verge of giving up.

She says that astral projection is not really that much complicated when you go back to the basics and stick with it for a few days. You will definitely start seeing results.

Astral Projection having been verified scientifically can indeed happen for anyone who is interested. All you need to do is follow the rules of projecting and you will find yourself leaving your physical body and even traveling all over the world.

Forget the critics and just have your own experience. Some people have reported even communicating with lost relatives when they travel back to the past, or being able to see what will happen in the future by projecting a few years ahead.

Whichever way you do it, keep at it, and always remember to let go. Do not give up as the key to perfecting the art of projecting is constant practice as often as you can.

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